The Business of Her…a new roadmap helping organizations connect successfully with decision makers in today’s dynamic and busy business landscape. TBOH is a strategic communications and new media agency focused on successful programs to enhance brand engagement with smart, savvy women.

Organizations know the modern woman and decision maker is smart, tech savvy, strong and passionate. From artists to activists, entrepreneurs, CEOs, nontraditional thinkers and businesswomen – many have shattered glass ceilings in every sector. These women are redefining pathways and reimagining new ways of working and living. They are also master multi-taskers with many roles – executive, mom, wife, partner, daughter, sister, friend, boss, mentor, social coordinator, and more.

With over 30 years of experience from PR to marketing, branding and digital media for industry leaders and global stars, Gita Mirchandani, principal of her namesake firm, has been working on programs focused on decision-makers, CEOs and influencers around the world. As the off shoot of Gita PR, TBOH was created to help organizations develop effective, bespoke programs based on authentic communication with women while honoring their influence and feminine spirit at home, in the office and in their communities while driving meaningful change.

Understanding and connecting with the modern woman and decision maker is key to optimizing success in today’s global marketplace…and of course, it’s all about her!


We know India—her vibrant, chaotic, spirited, and all-encompassing splendor. Through a distinct prism, we share our knowledge on her past, present and emerging global role. Culling through the colorful and spicy layers of her culture, lifestyle and business landscape (literally and metaphorically), we advise with unabashed honesty what’s worth visiting, knowing, learning and doing—providing vital tools for achieving success and growth.

Gita Initiative is a business platform and contemporary think tank about all-things India. Through our unique and innovative approach, we help companies engage effectively with India—Mumbaikers, Delhiites and others. We provide insight into the collective quest for Paisa Vasool (good value) in the land of over one billion ambitious and enterprising consumers. We work with global organizations, MNCs, and various international entities to help develop a successful India strategy and brand engagement based on an understanding of this market’s complex beliefs, values, aspirations and evolving needs.

As India prepares for her golden moment, we trot the subcontinent —a fascinating and tricky marketplace—and work closely with clients as they collaborate with executives, leaders, influencers and game-changers who are reshaping the modern Indian business landscape and Dharma (principle of cosmic order).